Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day before the trip!

wow i've been so busy packing! we leave tommorow morning for the airport at 6, unfortunately our flight doesnt leave for orlando until 8 am. so i have aloooot of waiting time..
i'll probably catch up on my reading:

The Truth About Forever cover
i've been reading this book since late september whenever i've had time to sit down. though i've read it a few times before its my favorite book by her.
since today was a half day (which is super lame, i mean really? the day before thanksgiving? why not just give us the day?) my friends and i did i normal ritual of heading to our local panera bread, which is conveniently right next to our highschool!

there i got the thai chopped chicken salad with a whole grain baguette

 its a pretty good salad, and i like it because even though it has the option of coming with chicken, you can get it without it, and still get an awesome source of vegetarian protein. not many salads at panera bread are vegetarian/ vegan friendly. sure you can take the meat or the cheese out of them, but they are left proteinless, and bland.

see you next monday when i get back from my trip! prepare for pictures!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

what does it mean to be healthy?

hey everyone! I've been gone awhile, i know. the show was such a great success, and it was very popular, and I'm very happy its over. its so nice to have a life again. its like...waking up on a Saturday, and actually being apple to enjoy my breakfast without the worry of being late to rehearsal, is amazing. for tech week, we were at the school every night till 11 o clock at night. it was pure craziness.
but now its over and i am free!

and just in time for a great food holiday, THANKSGIVING! which i will in fact be in Florida for :) we are meeting up with my dad, who lives abroad, in Florida so we can all have thanksgiving together and go to harry potter world.

So today;'s post i wanted to mainly dedicate to what your perception of healthy is.
now a days you see that label every where in many different places, so often that i think the word has really lost meaning.
many people look at healthy food the wrong way, maybe for them its a way to not feel guilty about eating chocolate cake, or a way to lose weight. but no. i don't think that's really what it means.

When i look at healthy as a term to label food, i consider the facts.

  • how can i benefit from this?
  • will it give me energy?
  • does it contain essential fats, or/and minerals, and vitamins i need to have a functioning body?
  • does it have harmful preservatives?
  • is it organic?
when you go to the grocery store and see a low fat low calorie chocolate cake,would you describe it as healthy? probably not. while it IS low calorie, and not the usual calorie bomb a chocolate cake is, your body does not benefit from that food in any way shape or form.

its mostly used by the weight loss and diet industry as a ploy to use their products.
now, what IS healthy?
whole grains, homegrown vegetables lacking in preservatives, olive oil, nuts, berries,  meat from farmers markets (though i don't partake in that) certain kinds of dairy etc.

so next time you go to eat something thats "healthy" really look at it.

till next time!