Sunday, November 20, 2011

what does it mean to be healthy?

hey everyone! I've been gone awhile, i know. the show was such a great success, and it was very popular, and I'm very happy its over. its so nice to have a life again. its like...waking up on a Saturday, and actually being apple to enjoy my breakfast without the worry of being late to rehearsal, is amazing. for tech week, we were at the school every night till 11 o clock at night. it was pure craziness.
but now its over and i am free!

and just in time for a great food holiday, THANKSGIVING! which i will in fact be in Florida for :) we are meeting up with my dad, who lives abroad, in Florida so we can all have thanksgiving together and go to harry potter world.

So today;'s post i wanted to mainly dedicate to what your perception of healthy is.
now a days you see that label every where in many different places, so often that i think the word has really lost meaning.
many people look at healthy food the wrong way, maybe for them its a way to not feel guilty about eating chocolate cake, or a way to lose weight. but no. i don't think that's really what it means.

When i look at healthy as a term to label food, i consider the facts.

  • how can i benefit from this?
  • will it give me energy?
  • does it contain essential fats, or/and minerals, and vitamins i need to have a functioning body?
  • does it have harmful preservatives?
  • is it organic?
when you go to the grocery store and see a low fat low calorie chocolate cake,would you describe it as healthy? probably not. while it IS low calorie, and not the usual calorie bomb a chocolate cake is, your body does not benefit from that food in any way shape or form.

its mostly used by the weight loss and diet industry as a ploy to use their products.
now, what IS healthy?
whole grains, homegrown vegetables lacking in preservatives, olive oil, nuts, berries,  meat from farmers markets (though i don't partake in that) certain kinds of dairy etc.

so next time you go to eat something thats "healthy" really look at it.

till next time!

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