Monday, October 24, 2011

wow i haven't posted on this in awhile :/

i'm sorry guys, i've just been so busy lately. not to mention tired! i've barely had time to excersize, or eat whole sit down meal in the past two weeks. you should see the car, it's littered with tupperware with food crumbs from running from point A to point B its been to crazy.
and with tech week next week......i have no idea how i'm going to do the blog and all the rehearsal. and then the four shows we have to do...after the 5th i will have as much time as i want to post on this blog.

so for now here's a few farewell pictures of my breakfast!
saturday night was home coming so heres a picture of me and my sister, in the gold dress. she looked so cool!

pumpkin dried blueberry coconut oatmeal!

see all of you in two weeks!

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