Thursday, February 2, 2012

whats for dinner?!

.....eggs? and zombie self portraits?
ugh lame. unfortunately this is all i am stuck with for the time being, as i am going to be allergy tested tommorow for 3 hours. the only upside is i get to start m weekend a lil bit earlier than everyone else :) the allergy testing consists of me not being allowed to eat from when i wake up until we're done, i am going to die of hunger. but hopefully it will clear some things up for me, for the whey allergy i am absolutely sure about.
speaking of which, i cheated and ate a yogurt today.

I REGRET NOTHING. i discovered the joys of sugary yogurt! i usually don't eat sugary fruit yogurt, because after 15 years straight of just eating pure sugar sweets for breakfast lunch and dinner, sugar loses its appeal after awhile, its only the past two years where i've been a little more sugar resistant.

but this strawberry chobani was just completely out of this world. i mean sure, after it was eaten, i did feel sick, along with sharp pains on my inside, and breathing was a little off, but trust me, i was in lalaland after i ate it. i'm sorry, i just can't find yogurt substitute that i like, they always taste watery, its the one thing i cant seem to shake.oh well.
oh note: i am feeling a healthy cookie recipe for the future! fingers crossed!

Question of the day: do you ever eat something you're not supposed to?
For me its a few things, that i shouldn't eat but i eat anyway, like for instance yogurt, as you already know.

leave a comment and tell me! i'd love to know!

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