Saturday, January 21, 2012

another long week

Its snowing! about time to, we haven't gotten snow since Halloween! 
i cant believe its almost been a week since i last blogged, I've just had so much to do, i still do. every night this week, i have had to write a paper. I'm not even joking. Tuesday i had to write my art history project report on futurism (which i hate), Wednesday night i had to write my own study guide for English class, and Thursday night i had to finish my document based essay for social studies. i always thought it was so interesting, how a week before midterms the teachers have to pile work onto us, as if studying for our tests wasn't enough! on top of that i am still getting over my cold from a week ago. it is so frustrating, i just feel like a giant lazy lump. 
ah well, i was too tired all week to really do anything, except school work, which explains why i was MIA for a week. i haven't even written a new recipe this week! just made a few smoothies. 

Karlyle, on the other hand has been baking up a storm!
making gingerbread men and mini pumpkin pies galore! she's been a busy girl this week.
in other news this week, i have attempted to give up artificial sweeteners such as equal, my one and only vice. i became addicted to it, putting it on everything, sometimes just eating it plain! it was gross, so for this week and the next i am going to abstain from eating anything with artificial sweeteners in it.  so far so good, but i do miss having sweet things :(
well, anyway back to hitting the books! wish me luck on midterms

Have you ever crammed for a midterm or final?
tell me! i'd love yo know

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