Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a delightful day off!

Ah another year has come and brought midterms, and just like that they are over. It's strange we spend 2 weeks reviewing for only 2 days of testing. 
Actually there are 3 days of testing. 2 whole days and 1 half of a day for language exams. luckily for me i quit french this year so instead my friends and i decided to celebrate by going out to breakfast!

we went to an old favorite Kristen's in Braintree square. i have always loved this place. My mom used to take me every now and again if it was a slow day during the summertime. they have an extensive breakfast menu, with the specials written on the chalk board wall. 
We walked in and got a table in the back, it was very quite back there, perfect for the three of us. Our waitress was almost immediately there to welcome us and offer coffee, she was so sweet, and had a southern accent! which is something hard to come by in the north east. 

as we sat and got cozy we looked over the menu, which all looked delicious, 
Leanne decided on getting the strawberry pancakes,which funny story, while they were being made our waitress came back from he kitchen flustered, to tell Leanne that the cook had read the order wrong. He had read the abbreviation for 'whipped cream'  as 'white chocolate" and ended up sprinkling white chocolate chips into the batter, and was worried Leanne would be upset by this. we were dumbfounded, UPSET BY WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND STRAWBERRIES?! AS IF! she was so stoked.
i myself ordered egg whites, a fruit cup of citrus fruit, and a whole wheat bagel not toasted. i really do love bagels, its as if i am eating a loaf of bread!
Ian ordered eggs Benedict ( i think) it had hollaindaise sauce. that's really all i remember from his order...sorry Ian!

our order was out on the table in 15 minutes flat! i was very impressed by how quick and efficient they were in getting our food out. 
the price was extremely reasonable between the three of us. I love this place, it makes me feel welcome and cozy. i believe its praises are no where near sung enough!

we're back to school tomorrow for a half of a day, so it really feels as though this week never happened!
here are some other pictures from our adventure! such as the remains of the pancake massacre of 2012

isn't she adorable?
when you go out to breakfast, where do you like to go?
I'd love to know!

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