Thursday, October 6, 2011

where does the time go?

because i have had absolutely none of it lately!
ITS SO COLD! its even hard to type!
i started off my morning with tofu covered in Dijon mustard and cooked in a pan on toast
it was pretty good, not my favorite though.

today i had almost missed a driving hour, because the driving school failed to tell me of this one  (we always write them down on the calender) so the  instructor just kept giving me hard time about almost missing it and how the lady who had been taking private lessons was so mad, and how she was going to complain to the driving school which put me on edge so i didn't drive well at all.

forget driving, I'm going to ride a magic carpet everywhere.

luckily my day got a bit better with this:
a tasty salad with cucumbers, spinach, mixed steamed vegetables, lite poppy seed dressing, apples and walnuts.

a very tasty meal indeed.

till later!

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