Saturday, December 17, 2011

its beginning to look alot like christmas

..or not.
yesterday, December 16, it was 50 degrees outside. Everything where i live is blooming, its so odd. Tree's, roses, bushes, Pussy-willows, i can't understand it! it's literally a week before Christmas and it hasn't snowed since Halloween! things have been pretty quiet considering it's the week before Christmas, tomorrow i am going all out though, a whole day for shopping for presents and gifts for my family and friends. Ikea, Target, and Christmas tree shop (because it even has Christmas in the name! you have to give it props for that.)

    I always consider December the hardest month for food, so many good treats all month around. I can't lie, what i love most about the December season is Gingerbread
DEAR GOD DO I LOVE GINGERBREAD. my aunt brought these over to us a week ago, one for each of us!
mmmm sugar and gingerbread flavored. I of course nabbed the gingerbread first but i really want to wait till Christmas to eat it. now,  i really  wanted to it eat it right and there, and so i had to fight temptation so i used my favorite tea to help ward of the gingerbread craving
Celestial seasonings gingerbread spice! it actually tastes very much like gingerbread, celestial seasonings is always really close to the flavors of certain holiday treats. i think they always do a wonderful job. That's the beauty of the Christmas season though, is that if you really want to wait until christmas to eat treats, there are so many different kinds of alternatives nowadays to help ward of cravings, like this tea! Or if you love hot cocoa, there's always nestle's fat free hot cocoa to try!

In other news i saw the brand new Sherlock Holmes movie last night, which i loved, i really wish i read the books though, i saw it with a friend who has read the books, and i feel like she understood it alot more than i did :/
but it was so late that i didn't get home until  12 in the morning, and then went on to fall asleep on the couch :)

anyway, until my next post, Happy holidays!
Question: what do you and your family do for the holidays!
I'd love to here about it!

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