Friday, December 2, 2011


hello! i am back! 
how was everyone's thanksgiving? i felt like this was the longest week ever, and i as only in school for three days.  i have a mountain of homework and little to no energy.
i was hoping these protein pancakes would help me overcome my back to school energy slump
i followed a recipe from calorie count, and of course i messed around with it a bit.
i used VEGA chocolate protein powder, unfortunately i didn't taste much chocolate. i mostly tasted the wheat bran the recipe called for, which is an odd sweet munch like, sort of flavor.
I've been really lacking motivation lately.when i came back from Florida and i wanted to do a whole week of low carb and no sugar, but to be honest the low carb thing has just made me tired and edgy and the no sugar part ( fruit, processed food, etc) make me want to binge eat. I've been tired, haven't felt like exercising at all and i have this remaining need to sit down and eat a whole cake......
weird right? so starting Monday i am going to get back on track!

In other news.....
look at this sweet bowl i bought at Epcot!
i bought it in japan land!
it was an excellent bowl to hold my afternoon snack, light harvest vegetable soup
and to add a bit more protein i added some edamame beans!

i am unfortunately not a soup person. i mean, if i wanted a liquid, i would drink it, right?
i just don't understand the concept of soup.
oh well, off to the gym tommorow! 

How was your thanksgiving?
I'd love to hear if you're willing to share!

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