Monday, December 19, 2011

The winter routine

hey everybody!
so yesterday my ikea trip went very well :) i got all sorts of Christmas shopping done though i still have one more person to finish shopping for and then i'll be done. i can't wait for winter vacation. i started out with a delicious oatmeal bowl with flax seeds, blueberries pecans and coconut shreds. 
i would've posted a picture of my breakfast this morning was really ugly.

do you ever get into a winter routine? i fall into the same one every year. not that i mind though.I feel that in the winter books i pick up a very specific routine of coziness. it usually starts on winter break as
  • watch all six seasons of daria
  • read all of my Francesca Lia block books

  • going to the gym
  • wearing giant sweaters.
  • a d of course listening to lights on repeat

it's the same every year. i feel like i should be sick of it by now, but no i'm still doing the same thing. and i probably will be doing all these things until i am 60 years old. 
we have school until the 23rd. ugh. not even a half day. they really don't want to cut us any slack. god knows why.
well, happy holidays everybody, i have to go study for the 10 tests i have this week :(

what's your winter routine?

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