Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boston sunday brunch

wow, what a looooong day.
literally. i woke up at 12 am and I've been awake since! its about 7:24 pm. i feel awful, I've been taking 5 minute snoozes since i woke up.

so, this morning since i was up AT 5 AM i decided to make my breakfast

it was extremely tasty just exscuse the bad lighting, it was still dark out.
my oatmeal consisted of
steal cut oats
almond milk
and vanilla extract

ireally like this oatmeal, i feel like steel cut fills me up way more than instant oats, which we are now FILTHY with in my home. they were on sale so we now about about 8 different boxes of oatmeal :)

sunday was such a day of procrastination for me. i shouldve worked on my homework more consistently, i just dont get what im doing with my physics work :/

on to my second half of the day starting with my beautiful lunch!
the bits of white are egg whites!

then i went into Boston to visit my friend Margaret who has just started college , and we HAD to get something to eat seeing as how we were in Harvard square.
we decided on veggie planet

Margaret and Catherine both got the open face grilled cheese pizza sandwich. i loved their ordering style at the restaurant, what they do is they have certain dishes of vegetables and you have your choice of putting it into an omelet, pizza dough, brown rice, or coconut rice! and they are incredibly vegan friendly and organic!

well, that's all for tonight, i need to do my work or I'm so dead, wish me luck!

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