Sunday, September 25, 2011

in the afternoon of the indian summer

hurrah to the second day of fall!
for some reason, in new England where i live its going to be extremely hot this week. lie 70 degrees to 80 degrees.
But you know what they say: "welcome to new England, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. it will probably change"
i came home from my friends party and i was feeling super tired, which is odd since i spent most of the night like this

(i hate my friends)

so i got home and immediately needed toe at breakfast, which happened to be chock full of protein 
Greek yogurt with Irish bread and apple slices :)
it was amazingly delicious.

my sister and her boyfriend went apple picking and brought home  TON OF APPLES
and made this:
their very own VEGAN APPLE CRISP they combined a bunch of recipes they found online and made they're very own :)
so proud!

this is my dinner :

i was feeling lazy so i just steamed some tofu and vegetables with whole grain pasta and soy sauce
with roasted sweet potatoes : )
sadly no recipe today but soon!

question: how crazy do you get when you go to a party?
I'm usually the kid who falls asleep around 8 and i love my alone time, but parties are always nice.
till next time!

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